To be honest, I do not see the point in the website. I think it is a way for people to cyber-stalk you. I know that it has made a lot of money and plenty of people use it, but why? I think it’s the fact that people want to think other people care about what they are doing. But the truth is no one does. Facebook has the same effect. People only look at other people Facebook page to see what the other person is doing. The reasons for these web-sites is for two purposes. One, is to waste time and the other is to keep tabs on someone you cant just talk to. Websites like twitter and Facebook were invented to help people, in a way, stalk people without going to prison. I know everyone has a different point-a-view, but this is mine.

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Why Do Dogs Play??

All animals play in different ways, but why do they play? Is it because it helps waste time or does it help brain develop.ment? In my opinion it is because it’s an action that any organism does. Babies do it, adults do it, even animals do it. I don’t think that it is a problem that dogs or any animals play. It helps with social skills and could even be beneficial to the hunting skills of the animal. I don’t see why people are looking into it as a big deal. Just because animals play people look for a reason why. You don’t find people asking why kids play. That is because we see the result of what play does in children.

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Parenting My Way

Parenting is one of those touchy subjects that noone really knows the best choice. There is so many choices out there from Western to Chinese, but when it comes down to it, it is your choice how to parent your children. If i was a parent i think i would have the approach to be respectful of my kids and make sure that i have their trust to keep a strong connection between us. I know that being a parent you sometimes have to play the bad guy, but I think that really when you find out the parent that you are. As kids we think that being a parent is easy, you get to do what you want and do it when you want to. But the reality of the situation is that they are always worrying about what their children are doing or are going to do. I have a feeling that when i become a parent that i will see things in a different perspective than i do now. I think that the parenting style you choice should be suited for your family and not what other people think. No matter if it is the hard Chinese style or the layer back Western style!

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Lets Talk About It

The way that I feel about the elephants is the same way I feel about any animal. Animal cruelty is mean no matter if it is a mouse or a bear and I don’t think people should use animals in a negative way. I feel like God put people and animals on earth together to live in harmony but the way our life is messing with the animals is causing them to react in a bad spirit. Which in return is causing humans to look at the situations as animals are causing the problem and not humans. I think hanging an elephant just because it killed a human that was in its territory is a little much and they over-reacted! I find that animals only react when they feel danger and I can almost bet that in this situation that elephant felt endangered. I am just stating that I do think that there is a better way of the human race to deal with problems like the elephants. If what we are doing now is not working than it obviously needs to change. I am not in any way saying that we are doing the wrong thing, just that maybe we could try a different method that might have another outcome.

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Peter The Wild Boy!

The things that i took away from this passage is that the fame that Peter got was all negative and in a way kind of mean. It reminded me of bullies in high school how people look at you and see what you wear or how you act and take that impression of you. Now im not saying by any means that a first impression is not important but that it is not the only thing that matters. The way Peter grew up and lived his life until he was 12 made him happy and i think that people should have just left him alone. I think it was wrong in every manner to call him a pet of any sort. A human is a human and no matter what they should be treated like one. I think they should have tried a little bit harder with Peter to help him learn how to read and write. It surprised me to see the fame Peter the Wild Boy got just because he was in a unique situation. It angers me to think that people in today’s society would do the same thing. I find it hard to believe that a person like this exist but even if they do today people should not treat people like scum. If everyone was a little nicer i think the world would be a better place and I think that Peter is a good example of that.

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What I Will Get!

When picking a college in high school there are things that everyone wants ti get out of it. For some people it is friends that will last a life time. For others it is to find the love of your life or even those few who just go to school to party. However when i was looking at schools that is not what i was looking at. The things that made me want to pick the University of North Alabama. I have always been an over achiever, so when I decided to attend here it was because i wanted a strong educational background when I left college.

In high school you look forward to college as a way of getting out of high school. Instead i looked at is as a way to improve my future. education has always been important to me. i have always thought if you didn’t have a brain and used it that you wouldn’t make it far in this world. College is a place for you to challenge yourself and put your mind to your mind to the test. I have always wanted to help people but in order for me to help others i have to help myself understand there needs first. I know the way to better my life is to work hard in my classes and do what I am expected to do. In ten years I wanna be able to tell my kids that i got where i am because of hard work so that maybe they will look up to me as an example in life. There are so many new things in college that you have to et use to but I don’t want that to change my goal of what I get out of my time here at UNA. I just want to know that at the end  of my journey that i put my whole heart in this and I don’t regret a thing. I’m not saying I don’t want to have fun while i am here. I am a teenage just getting to college, but I know that there are gonna be times when i am going to have to sacrifice my free time to study or do homework. Also i want to make those friends that i am going to have for the rest of my life and those stories about what i di in college. But i just have my head on straight and do what i am told to. I think about it as i am not just making my life better i am making my future family’s life better and that makes it worth all the hard work.I know that if i fail it not only influences me but other people in my life to and that is what pushes me. I will just have to push myself so I can walk away with the experience I want.

I know the journey i am on is where i need to be and that i need to take advantage of this experience. College can make or break someone and I don’t want to be one of those people who walk away with there head held down in shame. When my years at UNA are over I want to know I have the skills and knowledge i need to survive in this world and that is what i plan to get from my time here.

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